Marshall School of Business

Fall 2006
FBE Applied Economics Workshop

There is NO separate FBE Applied Economics Workshop schedule for the Fall 2006 semester.
There ARE three joint seminars with the Finance Seminar series and two joint CLEO seminars as shown below.

We also encourage you to explore the seminars offered by the USC Economics Department, which runs
4-5 seminar series, and the Center in Law, Economics and Organization (CLEO) workshop series, too.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you at our joint seminars this year.

The USC Finance and Business Economics Department sponsors three seminar series each semester.
Applied Economics Workshop | Finance Seminar Series | Macroeconomics and International Finance Workshop
The joint SPPD/Marshall School Lusk Center for Real Estate also offers a Real Estate Seminar series and the
FBE Dept. Center for Investment Studies has an occasional Distinguished Speaker Series.

Rev Date Speaker Title of Paper Room
  Aug. 11 Sudipto Dasgupta
  Hong Kong Univ. of
  Science and Technology
Target Behavior and Financing: How Conclusive is the Evidence?  (with Xin Chang, University of Melbourne)  joint with FBE Finance Seminar Series,   seminar: 10:30 am JKP-202
10:30 am
   Sep. 25
Andrew Hanssen
  Montana State Univ.
'Deja Vu All Over Again': Representative Government, Private Property, and the History of Eminent Domain.
  joint with USC CLEO,  seminar: 11:40 am, lunch included!
11:40 am
  Sep. 29 Luis Garicano
  Univ. of Chicago
Organizing For Synergies  (with Wouter Dessein, Chicago and Robert Gertner, Chicago)  joint with FBE Finance Seminar Series,  seminar: 1:30 pm JKP-104
1:30 pm
   Oct. 9
Andrea Prat
  LSE, visiting NYU
How Much Public Money Is Wasted and Why? Evidence from a Change in Procurement Law  (with Oriana Bandiera, LSE, and Tommaso Valletti, Imperial College and Tor Vergata)   joint with USC CLEO,  seminar: 11:40 am, lunch included! LAW-118/120
11:40 am
  Dec. 1 Deborah Lucas
Valuing and Hedging Defined Benefit Pension Obligations – The Role of Stocks Revisited   (with Steve Zeldes, Columbia University)     joint with FBE Finance Seminar Series,  seminar: 10:30 am JKP-202
10:30 am

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