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Fall 2009     - COMPLETED
FBE Applied Economics Workshop

The USC Finance and Business Economics Department sponsors three seminar series each semester.
Applied Economics Workshop | Finance Seminar Series | Macroeconomics and International Finance Workshop
The joint SPPD/Marshall School Lusk Center for Real Estate also offers a Real Estate Seminar series and the
FBE Dept. Center for Investment Studies has an occasional Distinguished Speaker Series.

Applied Economics Workshops are held on Fridays from 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. in Room TBA
(TBA) unless otherwise noted below. We no longer provide hardcopies of the papers. If you want a
printout, please download and print the PDF file available by clicking on the paper title.
Thank you. [Parking & seminar map]

Rev Date Speaker Title of Paper Room
  Aug. 28          - - - No seminar.     - - -
  Sept. 4          - - - No seminar.     - - -
  Sept. 11          - - - No seminar.     - - -
  Sept. 18 Darius Lakdawalla
 (previously Rand Corp)
Health Insurance as a Two-Part Pricing Contract
 (revised paper posted 9/10/09;  revised version: June 2009)
   Sept. 25          - - - No seminar.     - - -
  Oct. 2 Matias Iaryczower
The Value of Information in the Court. Get it Right, Keep it Tight  (with Matthew Shum, California Institute of Technology) ACC-201
  Oct. 9 Antoinette Schoar
  Sloan, MIT
The Importance of Hold-up in Contracting: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with Rajkamal Iyer, Sloan School, MIT)   Joint with FBE Finance Seminar series.   Seminar: 10:30am ACC-201
  Oct. 16 Simon Board
Reputation for Quality  (with Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehnz, UCLA) ACC-201
  Oct. 23 Lisa Kahn
  Yale University
Employer Learning, Productivity and the Earnings Distribution: Evidence from Performance Measures  (with Fabian Lange, Yale Econ) ACC-201
     Oct. 30 Ettore Damiano
  University of Toronto
Seminar Cancelled 10/15/09 ACC-201
  Oct. 30 Odilon Câmara
  USC FBE Dept.
Competence and Ideology  (with Dan Bernhardt, Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Francesco Squintani, Essex University) ACC-201
  Nov. 6 Stefano DellaVigna
  UC Berkeley
Testing for Altruism and Social Pressure in Charitable Giving  (with John A. List, Univ. of Chicago, and Ulrike Malmendier, UC Berkeley) ACC-201
  Nov. 13 Dan Bernhardt
  Univ. of Illinois at
The Case for Responsible Parties   (with John Duggan, Univ. of Rochester, and Francesco Squintani, Essex University) ACC-201
  Nov. 20 Pietro Ortoleva
CANCELLED 11/19/09.  Rescheduled for April 9, 2010.
Modeling the change of paradigm: Non-Bayesian Reactions to unexpected news    (Abstract)   Per the presenter's request, this paper will not be posted. Hardcopies will be available in BRI-308 after 9am 11/18 and distributed at the seminar. If you desire a PDF via email, pease send your request directly to Pietro .
  Nov. 27          - - -
No seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday
    - - -
  Dec. 4 Thomas Hubbard
  Kellogg, Northwestern
Seminar Cancelled 11/30/09 ACC-201
  Dec. 11

Kyna Fong
 (visiting at UC Berkeley)

Reconciling Efficiency and Practicality in Employment Contracts and Organizational Hierarchies    (Abstract)   Per the presenter's request, this paper will not be posted. Please send a request to Terry Lichvar if you desire a PDF via email.  Hardcopies will also be available at the seminar. ACC-303

Click on the paper title to download a PDF.  To meet with a particular visitor contact Dr. Odilon Câmara at 213-740-7658 or  For free parking, contact the FBE Dept. at (213) 740-6515 or Parking reservations require minimum 24 hours advance notice!
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