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Fall 2006
FBE Finance Seminar Series

The USC Finance and Business Economics Department sponsors three seminar series each semester.
Applied Economics Workshop | Finance Seminar Series | Macroeconomics and International Finance Workshop
The joint SPPD/Marshall School Lusk Center for Real Estate also offers a Real Estate Seminar series and the
FBE Dept. Center for Investment Studies has an occasional Distinguished Speaker Series.

Finance Series seminars are usually held on Fridays from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in JKP (Popovich Hall)
(specific rooms listed below) unless otherwise noted.   [Get map]

Rev Date Presenter Title of Paper Room Faculty Host
  Aug. 11 Sudipto Dasgupta
  Hong Kong Univ. of
  Science and Technology
Target Behavior and Financing: How Conclusive is the Evidence?  (with Xin Chang, University of Melbourne)  joint with FBE Applied Econ Workshop   seminar: 10:30 am JKP-202
10:30 am
  Aug. 18          - - -  No seminar.     - - -       - - -
  Aug. 25 Pinar Karaca-Mandic
  Cal Tech (Visiting)
   and Rand Corp.
Going-Private Decisions and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: A Cross-Country Analysis  (with Ehud Kamar, USC School of Law, and Eric Talley, USC Law, UC Berkeley, & Rand)  JKP-104 Tuzel
  Sep. 1 George Constantinides
  Univ. of Chicago
Mispricing of S&P 500 Index Options  (with Jens Carsten Jackwerth, Univ. of Konstanz, and Stylianos Perrakis, Concordia Univ.)  JKP-202 Tuzel
  Sep. 8 Laura Starks
  Univ. of Texas
  at Austin
Tradeoffs in Corporate Governance: Evidence from Board Structures and Charter Provisions  (with Stuart Gillan, Univ. of Arizona, and Jay Hartzell, Univ. of Texas)  ACC-310 Matos
  Sep. 15 Geoffrey Tate
Financial Expertise of Directors  (with A. Burak Güner, Barclays Global Investors, and Ulrike Malmendier, Stanford)  JKP-202 Tuzel
  Sep. 22 Dana Kiku
  Wharton (formerly Duke)
Is the Value Premium a Puzzle? JKP-104 Matos
  Sep. 29 Luis Garicano
  Univ. of Chicago
Organizing For Synergies  (with Wouter Dessein, Chicago and Robert Gertner, Chicago)  joint with FBE Applied Econ Workshop, seminar: 1:30 pm JKP-104
1:30 pm
  Oct. 6 Ravi Jagannathan
  visiting USC FBE
Do Hot Hands Persist Among Hedge Fund Managers? An Empirical Investigation  (with Alexey Malakhov, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Dmitry Novikov, Goldman, Sachs & Co.)  JKP-202 Ravi
  Oct. 13 David Robinson
  Duke University
Product Markets, Internal Capital Markets, and the Boundaries of the Firm  (with Richmond Mathews, Duke)  JKP-112 Matos
  Oct. 17
Peter Carr
  NYU & Bloomberg, LP
Robust Replication of Default Contingent Claims  (with Bjorn Flesaker, Bloomberg LP)     presentation slides
joint with USC Math Dept.   seminar: 12:00 noon
  Oct. 20 Jun Pan
Default and Recovery Implicit in the Term Sturcture of Sovereign CDS Spreads  (with Kenneth Singleton, Stanford)  JKP-112 J. Chen
  Oct. 27 Ernst Schaumburg
  Kellogg, Northwestern
Target prices, relative valuations and the compensation for liquidity provision   (with Zhi Da, University of Notre Dame)   (REVISED version posted 10/26/06 at 1:30 pm.) JKP-202 Tuzel
  Nov. 3 Chester Spatt
  SEC & Carnegie Mellon
The Role of Advisory Services in Proxy Voting   (with Cindy Alexander, SEC; Mark Chen, SEC & Univ. of Maryland; and Duane Seppi, SEC & Carnegie Mellon)   For a copy of this paper, please contact Dr. Spatt at JKP-204 Matos
  Nov. 10 Darrell Duffie
Systemic Dynamics in the Federal Funds Market   Abstract   (with Adam Ashcraft, FRB NY)  There is no paper this week, only the presentation slides and an extended abstract. JKP-202 J. Chen
   Nov. 16
Chris Malloy
  London Bus. School
Rewriting History   (with Alexander Ljungqvist, NYU, and Felicia Marston, Univ. of Virginia)  seminar: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm, ACC-303
SEMINAR CANCELLED 11/13/06      Why cancelled?
4:00 pm
J. Chen
  Nov. 24          - - -  No seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday     - - -       - - -
  Dec. 1 Deborah Lucas
Valuing and Hedging Defined Benefit Pension Obligations – The Role of Stocks Revisited   (with Steve Zeldes, Columbia University)     joint with FBE Applied Econ Workshop  seminar: 10:30 am JKP-202 Ayse
  Dec. 8 Janice Eberly
Investment, Cash Flow, and Value: A Neoclassical Benchmark  (with Sergio Rebelo and Nicolas Vincent, Northwestern)   joint with FBE Finance Seminar, seminar: 10:30 am



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