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Spring 2006
FBE Finance Seminar Series - completed

The USC Finance and Business Economics Department sponsors three seminar series each semester.
Applied Economics Workshop | Finance Seminar Series | Macroeconomics and International Finance Workshop
The joint SPPD/Marshall School Lusk Center for Real Estate also offers a Real Estate Seminar series and the
FBE Dept. Center for Investment Studies has an occasional Distinguished Speaker Series.

Finance Series seminars are usually held on Fridays from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in JKP (Popovich Hall)
(specific rooms listed below) unless otherwise noted.   [Get map]

Rev Date Presenter Title of Paper Room Faculty Host
  Feb. 10 Jeffrey Wurgler
  NYU Stern
Government bonds and the cross-section of stock returns  (with Malcolm Baker, Harvard)  JKP-102 Ayse
  Feb. 17          - - -  No seminar.     - - -       - - -
  Feb. 24 Holger Mueller
  NYU Stern
Concentrated Ownership and Labor Relations  (with Thomas Philippon, NYU Stern)  joint with FBE Applied Econ Workshop, seminar: 1:30 pm JKP-102
sem: 1:30
  Mar. 3 Rajnish Mehra
  UC Santa Barbara
Junior is Rich: Bequests as Consumption (4.6 MB)  (with George M. Constantinides, University of Chicago, & John B. Donaldson, Columbia)   joint with FBE Macroeconomics Workshop   seminar: 10:30 am JKP-102 Zapatero
  Mar. 10 Julie Wulf
Innovation and Incentives: Evidence from Corporate R&D
joint with FBE Applied Econ Workshop, seminar: 1:30 pm
sem: 1:30
  Mar. 17          - - -  No seminar - Spring Break.     - - -       - - -
  Mar. 24 Ashley Wang
  UC Irvine
Credit Spread and Decomposed Institutional Equity Ownership: An Information Asymmetry Perspective  (with Gaiyan Zhang, University of Missouri at St. Louis. JKP-202 J. Chen
  Mar. 31          - - -  No seminar  - NBER Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance Programs     - - -       - - -
  Apr. 7 Harrison Hong
  Princeton Econ
Gone Fishin': Seasonality in Trading Activity and Asset Prices
(with Jialin Yu, Columbia University)
JKP-202 J. Chen
  Apr. 14 Augustin Landier
  NYU Stern
Why Has CEO Pay Increased So Much?  (with Xavier Gabaix, MIT),   joint with FBE Applied Econ Workshop,  seminar: 1:30 pm JKP-202
sem: 1:30
  Apr. 21 Roberto Rigobon
  MIT Sloan
Asset Prices and Exchange Rates    (with Anna Pavlova, London Business School)   joint with FBE Macroecon Workshop, sem: 10:30 am JKP-202 Zapatero
  Apr. 28 Raghavendra Rau
  Purdue, visiting UCLA
Corporate Event Waves  revised 4/27, version 3 posted at 4:00 pm PDT
(with Aris Stouraitis, City University of Hong Kong)
JKP-102 Matos
  May 5          - - -  No seminar.     - - -       - - -
  May 12          - - -
 No Seminar - Commencement
    - - -       - - -

Click on the paper title to download a PDF.  Click on a speaker's name to go to their website, obtain a vita, etc.  To meet with a particular visitor contact the FBE faculty host listed in the right hand column. For a paper hardcopy or free parking, contact the FBE Dept. at (213) 740-6515 or   Parking reservations require at least 24 hours advance notice!
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