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Spring 2011     - COMPLETED
FBE Macroeconomics and
International Finance Workshop

The USC Finance and Business Economics Department usually sponsors three seminar series each semester.
Applied Economics Workshop | Finance Seminar Series | Macroeconomics and International Finance Workshop
The joint SPPD/Marshall School Lusk Center for Real Estate also offers a Real Estate Seminar series and the
FBE Dept. Center for Investment Studies has an occasional Distinguished Speaker Series.

Macroeconomics Workshops are held on Fridays from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. in Hoffman Hall, room 706.
We no longer provide hardcopies of the papers. If you want a printout, please download and print the PDF file
available by clicking on the paper title.
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Rev Date Speaker Title of Paper Room
  Jan-Feb Faculty Recruiting Seminars    - - -    - - -
  Feb. 25 Hanno Lustig
  Anderson, UCLA
Too-Systemic-To-Fail: What Option Markets Imply About Sector-Wide Government Guarantees (co-authors: Bryan Kelly, Chicago Booth, and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, NYU Stern)   SSRN Link ACC-201
  Mar. 4 Fatih Guvenen
  Minnesota Econ
Inferring Labor Income Risk from Economic Choices: An Indirect Inference Approach (coauthor: Anthony A. Smith Jr., Yale)   SSRN Link HOH-706
   Mar. 11          - - -  No seminar.    - - -
   Mar. 18          - - -  No seminar - Spring Break.    - - -
   Mar. 25          - - -  No seminar currently scheduled.    - - -
  Apr. 1 François Gourio
  BU Econ
Disaster Risk and Business Cycles HOH-706
  Apr. 8 Lukasz Drozd
 Wharton, U Penn
Competitive Poaching in Unsecured Lending (coauthor: Ricardo Serrano-Padial, University of Wisconsin-Madison)   HOH-706
  Apr. 15          - - -  No seminar currently scheduled.    - - -
  Apr. 22 Emmanuel Farhi
 Harvard Econ
Unconventional Fiscal Policy at the Zero Bound (coauthors: Isabel Correia, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa; Juan Pablo Nicolini, Universidad Di Tella; and Pedro Teles, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa)      TIME & ROOM CHANGE!! - seminar time: 4:30 pm in HOH-1! HOH-1
  Apr. 22

See the Program website for links to presenter and discussant websites.

USC-UCLA-UCI Finance Day at USC         Program (pdf)

Papers:   Santikian,   Eisfeldt,   Schwarz,   Gandhi and Lustig,   Wang,   M. Westerfield,   Tate and Yang, or Abstracts only

For more information, contact Dr. Carvalho 213-740-7677, Dr. Solomon 213-740-1057, or Dr. Stathopoulos 213-740-7628.

  9:00 am
  4:10 pm
  Apr. 29 Nick Bloom
  Stanford Econ
Does Uncertainty Drive Business Cycles? Using Disasters As A Natural Experiment   (coauthor: Scott Baker, Stanford) HOH-706
  May 5
Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
  NYU Stern,
  visiting Stanford
The Macroeconomic Effects of Housing Wealth, Housing Finance, and Limited Risk-Sharing in General Equilibrium   (coauthors: Jack Favilukis, LSE, and Sydney C. Ludvigson, NYU) HOH-706
  May 16
Vojislav 'Max' Maksimovic
  Smith, Maryland
Redefining Financial Constraints: a Text-Based Analysis   Abstract     (coauthors: Christopher Ball, meta Heuristica LLC, and Gerard Hoberg, University of Maryland)   Per the presenter's request, we will NOT be posting a paper for this talk. However, copies of the paper will be distributed at the seminar. Contact the Program Administrator to obtain a hardcopy in advance, or stop by BRI-308 to pick up a copy. HOH-706
  June 3 Olivier Jeanne
  Johns Hopkins Econ
TBA CANCELLED 5/8/11 will reschedule for Fall 2011 HOH-706

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